Thursday , February 23 2017
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FUFA FM promoting witches instead of sports

FUFA boss Moses Magogo

Some super normal investigators believe that 3.00 am is the time when paranormal activities get at its peak. The same investigators also believe that it’s the most active time because one theory is that Jesus died at that very time. So Rafiki believes that the opposite is also true when …

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We are not done with Bebe Cool yet

Bebe Cool young Hendricks father

Just like his father, here comes son Allan Hendrick who is becoming as arrogant as his father. Just like his father, all young Hendricks friends have abandoned him and he is now moving alone doing everything by himself because of his arrogance This came in after he publically harassed some …

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Sheeba now focusing on the African Continent

Sheeba is now too big for Uganda

Last week, while Rafiki was on his usual prowl at Team No Sleep offices in Kansanga, he was not surprised to hear Sheeba boasting that she is not racing against any body in Uganda because according to her, she is the best and finest that can be in our banana …

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Leila Kayondo broke – to quit music

Musician Leira Kayondo now in fashion

Struggling singer and former soul-mate to tycoon SK Mbuga Leila Kayondo is likely to quit music and embrace fashion because the former is becoming to tough for her This Rafiki got to know after visiting the singer’s camp and found out that the singer does not have even one song …

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Mozey Radio, Sizzaman bury their sex beef

Musician Mowzey Radio forgives Sizzaman

For a long time now, there has been bad blood running between Mozey Radio and Sizzaman owing to the later stealing the former’s girlfriend a one Martha Sparson. That, this feud has been going on since September 2015, and rumour has it that Radio had vowed never to forgive Sizzaman …

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Bebe Cool loses millions on Arsenal

Bebe lose miliions

That big size Bebe Cool is an ardent supporter of Wenger’s Arsenal is not news. That he also put his money where his heart is, is no longer news since he told us this himself, that he is also a heavy gambler is an open secret. But of late, a …

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Mesach mints millions even b4 his show

Mesach Ssemakula

  Golden papa Mesach Ssemakula is already smiling all the way to the bank, this is despite the fact that his group is struggling, but as Stabua sang, Oli wa mukisa Rafiki was present when the proprietor of Cheap General hardware group Mr. George Muteebawa’s handing 15m to Mesach, as …

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Mozey Radio attacked over shabiness

Mozey Radio attacked

A celebrity must be clean and smart all the time they appear in public but in Uganda some celebrities like Mozey Radio don’t take this simple idea of smartness and cleanliness as an important factor. Recently, Radio and Weasel fans came up in droves on his twitter account and attacked …

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Pallaso troubled over plagiarism

Musician Pallaso

Pallaso, one of the Mayanjas  has landed in trouble over using some lines from his brother Jose Chameleone’s Shida za Dunia song in his new song Wololo. Despite the two being blood brothers, when Pallaso decided to use his brothers song, he did not even get any permission nor did …

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Omulangira Suuna in trouble

Omulangira Ssuun in trouble

Rumour has reached Rafiki concerning OS (Omulangira Suuna’s) rent issues. Three years ago, when he still had some dime, Omulangira Suuna, then newly divorced from his former girlfriend, moved into this Ugx 700,000 crib in Makindye Until 5 month ago OS has always paid his rent on time but it …

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