Monday , March 27 2017
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Victor Kamenyo slapped like a kid

Victor Kamenyo

If you are blind or haven’t ever seen him and you listen to Victor Kamenyo’s song, you would be excused to think that this guy can challenge an elephant to a wrestling match, but alas Rafiki has never seen such a cowardly person as Kamenyo. Rafiki was present during a …

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Red Banton fights girl over mairungi

Red Banton (L) with Ghetto president Bobi Wine

There was drama last Friday when Red Banton fought a girl over mairungi. The story began when Red Banton received a call from a woman informing him that …. ‘I have arrived’, Red Banton jumped on his black Subaru, and drove to 2 ways opposite Eagles Club, he picked the …

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Spice Diana brews war of managers

Spice Diana

Now secrets of why Spice Diana left Swangs Avenue are starting to unfold slowly. Apparently Spice was wooed by Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep (TNS), but when Spice Diana reached the camp of TNS, what she found there, she was not pleased with at all, this caused her to …

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King Michael now Messach Ssemakula’s body guard

King Michael now Messachs body guard

Something is very wrong with King Michael, this Muko Muko hit singer, has been going down the drain for some time now, from spending nights at ‘Matatu’ joints to just hanging around bars. Now Rafiki has been seeing him with ‘Golden papa’ everywhere he goes, he has been acting as …

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Ham mansion gets powerful new tenant

The Ham mansion

Rafiki was in Gaba the other day and what he saw really shocked him. While still puzzled about what he had seen, he was informed that what he was looking at was not new, mbu it has been on for months. Now, okay enough of the suspense, Rafiki saw a …

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Pallaso abandon his Kifeesi pal in prison

Musician Pallaso

There is something that is not very right with the Mayanja’s family. Rafiki has learnt that Pallaso who seems to be the sober one in that camp is being dogged by his failure to befriend good buddies, as we speak , he is a cursed man, reason, there is one …

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King Saha frustrated, turn guns on friends

Musician King Saha is frustrated

Frustration is piling up in King Saha’s camp; Our snoop at his camp tell us that nowadays Saha is so cross with everyone that he has now sacked his aide and right hand man a one Hassan aka Zake. The clear reason ranging from the fact that hits are not …

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Judith Babirye now most expensive musician in Uganda

MP Judith Babirye

Okay, for the Born Again Christians, I am sure they will claim that this is the manifestation of the power of their belief; To others, like me, its just the raised profile of Omulongo Babirye  and yet to another group I have heard there is a claim that Babirye is the …

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Finally  Izon T finds his ‘Layila’ woman

Musician Izon Tee

When Izon T of the New Eagles band, sang his ‘Layila’ song, where he asked his girl whether she will stick with him even when, he doesn’t have a 100 shilling coin in his pocket! He was actually looking for real love! Now Rafiki can exclusively report that, these days, …

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