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Is Donald Trump’s marriage on the rocks?

  Donald Trump’s marriage appears to be enduring significant stress after his wife openly rejected him to hold her hand, for the second day. On Tuesday, when the couple landed in Rome as part of a nine-day “world peace” tour through Saudi Arabia, Israel, and finally Italy, where the pair …

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Mama’s Death drew writing Inspiration in Ssesimba’s Life

Mahad's Inspiration Story

Mahad Ssesimba, a Senior Six student at Upland High School, Mutundwe, is one lucky writer. He writes books, while studying, all at once. Speaking to The Sunrise, Ssesimba, narrated his inspiration journey that bought him into the industry. “When my mum died in 2002, I was taken to live with …

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Walter Told Lillian Mack Had Been Arrested

Lillian Is Told About Mack's Arrest

Remember we left when Lillian had spent over three years trying to locate where she abandoned her baby in vain. By that time if her daughter was to be alive she would be 25 years. She had given up the search. But something had happened. Mack her only son had …

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Man Polo Reveals the Secret behind Baxragga

Man Polo Talks About Baxragga

To know and talk about Baxragga you cannot forget to talk about Genza Paul, popularly known as, Producer Man Polo from BCG Records. Man Polo, based on, Makindye Salaama Road, started his career of music production in 2013 at Karma Records. He said that being a good piano player since …

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Bafana’s new video makes him King of Ragga

Bafana Beats Wife

Richard Kasendwa, a.k.a Ziza Bafana, started his journey in the music industry in 2007 in a duo with his friend, Yiya Mozey. Both broke into fame with their song, Tebakulimba Abo, but after doing a couple of projects, Ziza Bafana and Yiya Mozey parted ways. In 2012 he decided to …

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Huawei Spear Heads ICT Boost in Kamwenge District

Huawei Spear Heads ICT Boost

  Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, on 30th April delivered 40 laptops fully connected to the internet to schools and district administrative offices in Kamwenge district. The event that was presided by the Minister of ICT and National Guidance Hon. Frank Tumwebaze took place …

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True duty to a neighbour

Maneno World

A good turn deserves another, someone once told me and because of that, on a number of occasions I have gone another mile for someone. If you didn’t know, at least in the African setting, acting and being good to a neighbour is almost always rewarding although I have also …

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Tusker unveils Lager for Blankets and Wine festival

blankets and wine festival

Preparations are in the final stages for the 17th edition of this year’s premier Afro-based musical festival, Blankets and Wine Kampala, sponsored by Tusker Malt Lager. The event will play host to more than ten artistes and deejays from around East Africa. Blankets and Wine Kampala, is the first event …

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Too much sex: The good and the bad

Love is the best

INSIDE THE BEEHIVE I’m not a sex expert and I don’t have the moral authority to lecture you on sex. But as an adult there is a thing or two that I can share with you about sex. An ambitious young couple went to a sex counselor and asked him …

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‘I am under pressure’

INSPIRATION WITH SEKKA BAGENDA Who told you that men of action do not worry? I one time feared so much and thought someone would come for me because I had written to open someone’s eyes. If you left the comfortzone, there, in the leafy suburb, and you said you would work …

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