Thursday , February 23 2017
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You can reduce expenses in 2017

Jog your way to work

INSIDE THE BEEHIVE Economist and finance experts have warned us that it is dangerous to spend more than what we earn. It is very possible for someone to find themselves spending more than what they earn even without their knowledge. The need to reduce costs so that you live within …

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‘This is in the market place’

INSPIRATION WITH SEKKA BAGENDA It is definitely hot and as usual, the world is complaining.But which year has ever been ready to hand to you freedom, before you choose, in your heart, to pursue what you truly deserve? Some people will sob for ever. Others, like you, will,at last, discover …

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Art in the bedroom as the Magobas say …I DO.

The Magobas on the wedding

  Psychologists have variously suggested that partners in the same profession have a worse work-life balance than those in different professions. However, putting aside all sorts of theories, Love is Love, and that can be explained by mutual consent and happiness put together. Still, we have to note that being …

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Men this is what is killing your Manhood

Drooling on porn has been cited as one of the killers of manhood

The topic above is one of the hardest topics for men; most of them would rather die with it silently rather than discuss it with any one! Sometime ago, many people, I inclusive would associate this problem with old age, but I have been reading a journal that has opened …

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Civil servants happily welcome Janan Luwum’s day

Late Archbishop Janani Luwum

INSIDE THE BEEHIVE God so loved the Ugandan civil servants that he gave them another public holiday. 16TH February is a public holy day; its Archbishop Janani Luwum day. Actually, it’s the second day just after Valentine’s Day. Implying that after sinning on 14th February we go for redemption on 16th February.  What a good …

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Read the opponent

INSPIRATION WITH SEKKA BAGENDA For a number of years now, I have been writing, and looking for a man or woman who could behave and, whole heartedly act, like Adolf Hitler. I liked the black president in the US but time came and he almost disappointed me. He preached a …

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Yea, it’s the hot 2017 and what next

Free style at the beach

MANENO’S WORLD WITH MUSH Someone (was it my teacher?), once told us that on accosting persons intelligent enough or even the non-intelligent, it’ good manners that you greet them. So greetings to you all both connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs of this paper and these columns in particular. Sorry about you, you …

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Confused: Who raped me; James or Reagan?

LITERARY SERIES BY DR. ASHRAF SSEMWOGERERE CATHY EPISODE 2. Fans and friends, Asalaam alaikum. Thanks for your response to the stories. I’m really humbled. This is Cathy’s second story. If you missed the first episode, check out last week’s Sunrise issue. Cathy had just discovered that she had been raped. …

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Break up this Valentine if…….

Everyone and everywhere from today people will be writing what to do and how to impress their lovers because….well Valentine is around the corner, I personally would want everyone to be deeply in love, but unfortunately majority of humans will tell you that relationship problems are top of their ‘problem …

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