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An Arab came into the room to rape Jalia

LITERARY SERIES BY DR. ASHRAF SSEMWOGERERE JALIA EPISODE 3.   In the second episode we ended when Jalia uncle’s wife, Zaina, who wanted to stay in the business of the late Hajji Kisitu, Julia’s father, organized to eliminate her. Jalia’s story continues: “Hajji Ashraf, I don’t know, oba after how …

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Jalia is kidnapped

Literally Series by Dr. Ashraf Ssemwogerere Jalia episode 2 The introduction to Jalia’s story must have left most of you intrigued. The style was short; not my usual way of presentation. Jalia’s pain of loss affected me, too. Jalia’s father, Hajji Kisitu, had been murdered. She reached the grave site …

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‘My invisible hand’

INSPIRATION: Man can sometimes do nothing, even if you disobey. Here, some people have waited, for more than three decades. The wise man is still in control, and, I anoint him, he may continue to see the gaps in this defense and so, he may race ahead to hit more …

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Using fame to reach out to the needy

Children dance to music during the occassion

“Musician Muserebende gives hope to vulnerable children” Music is everywhere. If it’s not on the Radio at home, you’ll hear it playing in the shops, on television – or even in the background of our favourite soap operas! There is no escaping it. Hytham Ssali Muserebende who is one of …

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‘Message from the protester’

Chief Protester Dr. Kizza Besigye

INSPLIRATOPN We want to, so much, settle again and concentrate on other issues, here in our country, but we may not completely look away and ignore what recently happened in the most powerful nation on earth. They elected a man and he is now reminding us of what the dictators …

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