Monday , March 27 2017
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Experts speak out on pesticide-resistant armyworms

Ugandan maize trial proves successful in controlling the armyworm but farmers cannot yet access the variety due to regulatory roadblocks The continuing spread of invasive leaf-eating caterpillars known as Fall Armyworms to many parts of the country have left many farmers perplexed and worried especially because the worms have shown …

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Tragedy as SACCOs succumb to poor governance

President Museveni handing over a dummy check to members of Mulago SACCO which was not registered by the time they got the money

SPECIAL REPORT: When President Yoweri Museveni donated one billion shillings as seed capital to the National Leaders  Empowerment  Cooperative  (NALECO), a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation SACCO, with one hundred NRM MPs who had lost elections in 2006, he probably meant well. With such big guns as Capt. Mike Mukula, …

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How UPC , DP beat FDC at EALA

Ingrid Turinawe lost at EALA

This year’s elections of Uganda’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has garnered more publicity than in previous exercises largely not because of the impressive views of the candidates but more because of the political games that were played to the very end. Although the East African Court …

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Pastors or Sorcerers?

Qute Kaye who recently got save crying

Of Holly Rice and Miracles – Uganda’s economy and integrity at stake The cyber community has been overwhelmed by viral sentiments suggesting that a Ugandan preacher is selling rice as miracle-power. It is alleged that the pastor offers 1kg for Shs. 50,000, an amount that can buy about 15kg of …

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Kyabazinga faces internal revolt

Kyabazinga of Busoga William Gabula Nadiope IV

If the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Gabula Nadiope IV insists on taking up his appointment as Ambassador in the Office of the President, he will have exposed himself to potential revolt that will likely end in him being forced from the throne. This prospect comes from the fact that all …

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Ambassador Kyabazinga: M7’s Wizardry or Desperation

Kyabazinga of Busoga William Gabula Nadiope IV

The appointment of Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV to a political office by President Museveni has left many angry, some confused while others are celebrating the move as yet another sign of Museveni’s political wizardry. For many, the president violated Uganda’s supreme law; the 1995 Constitution as well as the …

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Did Barack Obama Presidency Impact Africa? 

Barack Obama

  Kogelo village in Kisumu, Western Kenya, is where Hussein Obama, the father of out-going US President Barack Hussein Obama, was born. When Barack Obama won the US presidency eight years ago, there was euphoria in Kenya, where, unreasonably, Kenyans perceived that, because this was where his antecedents were, therefore, …

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Drama as Mumbere is re-arrested after securing bail

Omusinga wa Rwenzululu Mumbere (in glasses) appears unmoved when he was re-arrested, as opposed to his brother Kibazanga who appeared terribly annoyed by the Police's actions

  The Omusinga wa Rwenzululu Charles Wesley Mumbere was yesterday re-arrested in dramatic events shortly after securing bail from the High Court in Jinja. Police laid siege outside the Jinja High Court and despite the Omusinga’s temporary refusal to leave court after getting wind of the re-arrest plot, he later …

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UPDF shakeup; Dawn of a New Era

New CDF General David Muhoozi

The latest changes in the leadership of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), by President Yoweri Museveni, the Commander in Chief of armed forces, marks a watershed moment in the leadership of the army. The fundamental point observed by many in the latest appointments is the finalization, nearly, of the generation …

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