Wednesday , May 24 2017
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Museveni not sincere about ending torture, says renowned lawyer

Human Rights Lawyer Nicholas Opio of Chapter Four

In recent days, Ugandans have been alarmed by shocking pictures of dozens of suspects in Police detention nursing very serious wounds inflicted on them by police officers as a way to get them to admit, genuinely or otherwise that they were involved in the assassination of former Assistant IGP Andrew …

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Uganda needs accurate, complete accounting to track money leakages


Britain’s Director of Public Sector of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Ross Campbell, was in Kampala to attend the African Congress of Accountants (ACOA) Conference at the Commonwealth Resort Beach Hotel in Munyonyo. Before joining the ICAEW, Campbell was Deputy Director for Government Financial Reporting, …

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Unfriendly working Environment Driving Scientists out of Uganda


Two senior banana breeders and a regulator leave for greener pastures In the last couple of months, Uganda has lost three senior scientists who have left to work for private multinational corporations or international and regional research institutions. Their departure has however resurrected concerns in the scientific community that the …

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Cries of continuing suppression and injustice dominate press freedom day

US ambassador Deborah Malac

Journalists and supporters of press freedom and freedom of expression in Uganda joined like-minded colleagues from across the world to mark May 3 World Press Freedom day last week by condemning state-sponsored brutality against newsmen and women. The events were more of a commiseration than a commemoration of press freedom …

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Tougher laws for SACCOs and Money Lenders

Minister of Micro-finance Haruna Kasolo

SPECIAL REPORT ON MICRO FINANCE Disagreements between SACCO executives and Bank of Uganda to delay its implementation The end of an era of lawlessness and chaos that has characterised the micro-finance sector for years could come to an end in the coming few months with the commencement of the implementation of …

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Seed shortage; a hidden crisis limiting Uganda’s prosperity

  The ongoing rains in most parts of the country will likely go without being optimally used because farmers are unable to access sufficient quantities of quality seeds for the important staple foods like maize, beans, bananas, cassava and sweet potatoes. The latest blow comes from the government’s failure to …

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Experts speak out on pesticide-resistant armyworms

Ugandan maize trial proves successful in controlling the armyworm but farmers cannot yet access the variety due to regulatory roadblocks The continuing spread of invasive leaf-eating caterpillars known as Fall Armyworms to many parts of the country have left many farmers perplexed and worried especially because the worms have shown …

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Tragedy as SACCOs succumb to poor governance

President Museveni handing over a dummy check to members of Mulago SACCO which was not registered by the time they got the money

SPECIAL REPORT: When President Yoweri Museveni donated one billion shillings as seed capital to the National Leaders  Empowerment  Cooperative  (NALECO), a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation SACCO, with one hundred NRM MPs who had lost elections in 2006, he probably meant well. With such big guns as Capt. Mike Mukula, …

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How UPC , DP beat FDC at EALA

Ingrid Turinawe lost at EALA

This year’s elections of Uganda’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has garnered more publicity than in previous exercises largely not because of the impressive views of the candidates but more because of the political games that were played to the very end. Although the East African Court …

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Smart investment of oil revenues in productive sectors the key to job creation, say experts

Petroleum Authority Boss Earnest Rubondo

What you need to know about jobs in oil sector The waiting is over and the real hard work of preparing to extract the oil that is buried hundreds of metres beneath the rocks of the Albertine Graben in Western Uganda is set to begin next year. Initial estimates indicate …

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