Thursday , February 23 2017
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New technique kills two maize pests at once

MP Jackson Mbaju

An experiment meant to evaluate the effectiveness of a resistant maize variety against the devastating maize stem borer developed by Ugandan researchers has proved successful in controlling yet another hazardous pest, the leaf eater that had proved a menace to farmers across the Uganda especially during the dry season. According …

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What our history tells us about our Parliament

Milton Obote former president of Uganda

FOCUS ON PARLIAMENT: Although Uganda was born as a parliamentary democracy on October 9, 1962, there were numerous happenings that cast doubt on the continuation of parliamentary freedom that are worth reflecting on as we mark 54 years of independence. According to the Independence Constitution, the party that won the …

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Government school threatens pupils’ lives

The headmaster's office under a tree, (inset) is the former headmaster Kawuma who decided to become a retailer

The lives of over 300 primary level children are placed in constant danger by their parents as well as government officials in Mukono district who keep them in a dilapidated school. Kasana UMEA, a primary school built in the 1940s is an accident waiting to happen because of years of …

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Why the debate on MPs’ car grant needs refocusing

Main entrance to the Parliament of Uganda, (Inset) is the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

FOCUS ON PARLIAMENT A stranger to Uganda who has keenly followed the debate on vehicle facilitation for Members of Parliament would be forgiven if he imagines that the MPs are the only public servants who receive vehicles/vehicle grant from the public coffers. But such a belief, of course, would be …

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Why traders distrust M7 on Chinese investors

Minister of Trade Amelia Kyambadde

It is 10:00 am at Galiraya Commercial Plaza along William Street in Kampala and the usual hustle and bustle is already in high gear. The sight of many Chinese walking up and down the building confirms to me that it is one of Kampala’s trading hubs where numerous Chinese traders …

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From cleaner to Bishop

Patrick Wakula; new Busoga Diocese Bishop

Patrick Wakula; new Busoga Diocese Bishop After a long period of waiting, celebrations rocked Jinja and Iganga towns last week when the House of Bishops elected the Venerable Reverend Patrick Wakula Idibya as the inaugural Bishop of the new Central Busoga Diocese. Wakula Idibya, hitherto, the Archdeacon of Jinja Archdeaconry …

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Why pit latrines persist despite being illegal

National Water boss Silver Mugisha

The International Symposium on Water and Sanitation held in Kampala recently will be remembered for raising the awareness about the growing risk of water born diseases especially in urban centres across Uganda arising from the continued use of pit latrines. But the conference will also be recalled for exposing the …

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Orange farmers get tips on disease management

Dr. Jaewook explaining to orange farmers while on a recent tour in Teso sub-region

The potential of orange farming in Uganda is huge, but the benefits are increasingly becoming elusive because of the rise in pests and diseases that attack the crop, costing farmers huge sums of money in pesticides and lost incomes. Thanks however to support from Korea Programme on International Agriculture (KOPIA) …

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Uganda lags behind in agricultural innovations

Scientists and farmers admire the new blight resistant potato variety at Kacwekano research station

Country hesitates to implement outstanding research projects, despite being the continent’s leader  Uganda has once again been caught napping in a fiercely competitive race where neighbouring countries are wrestling to grab a better piece of the market pie while also trying to lift millions of their people from the shackles …

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