Friday , June 23 2017
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“Kyapa mu Ngalo”

He says the 1900 Agreement was laid on selfish terms, made between British officials who were keen to cement their rule indirectly through pliant collaborators, and local chiefs led by Katikkiro Apolo Kaggwa.(File photo) 1900 Buganda Agreement regents.

Why a good gesture is sparking fireworks   The latest effort by Buganda Kingdom to enhance the security of tenure of millions of people sitting on Kabaka’s land has sparked fear, panic and apprehension among the supposed beneficiaries, political leaders and indeed some ordinary members of the public. But closer analysis of the campaign reveals …

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First step on my new limbs

A land mine survivor fitted with a new artificial limb at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital

Landmine survivors in Northern Uganda on getting their lives back with prosthetic limbs   “Move your limb, try to move it a bit. No no no, not like that. Let’s try again. Good. Take another step,” said Lucy Angee, an orthopedic therapist while teaching Justine Ojwang, an amputee how to walk with a prosthetic or …

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You feed refugees as we die!

Karimojong Women desperately dig their scorched ground to prepare for planting even though the anticipated rains are not forthcoming. The prolonged drought in Karamoja has left many in the subregion starving. Now their leaders say the government is not doing enough

Karimojong turn up the heat on government From their largely remote enclaves in north eastern Uganda the Karimojong are coming out fighting. They can’t tolerate anymore a situation akin to a mother feeding visitors while her children starve. A Member of Parliament (MP) from Karamoja has accused the Uganda government of neglecting its own people, …

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Uganda’s failure to enact a biosafety law a setback for other COMESA countries

Dr. Getachew Belay, COMESA's Senior Biotechnology Policy Adviser,

Dr. Getachew Belay, COMESA’s Senior Biotechnology Policy Adviser, The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is a trade area comprising 19 African countries including Uganda. In 2014, COMESA member states approved and adopted the COMESA Policy on Biotechnology and Biosafety. Through its specialised agency, the Alliance for Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern …

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