Monday , April 24 2017
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Involve students in entertainment activities

Drummers for the Ganda Bakisimba Muwogola Nankasa dance

I was not surprised when I read about how over 150 students from different secondary schools in Mbale were arrested recently during a police raid on a club in Mbale town. Going wild and doing all kinds of crazy things such as sneaking out of schools to go clubbing, hit …

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Why NRM lost the elite

Some of the many Nyanzi's disciples who follow on Nyanzi's posts

The leaders of the ruling party have told Ugandans on their faces how they no longer care about public interest, hence Stella Nyanzi and her many disciples!     The National Resistance Movement (NRM) may claim that it is in charge of the affairs of this country. Its chairman is …

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Time to undertake agricultural reform

President Museveni on his farm

  The government of President Museveni has implemented over a dozen interventions into the agricultural or rural development sector since coming to power 31 years ago, but with little success. The outcome of these failures are all too clear to everyone; rising income inequality, worrying levels of unemployment, recurrent food …

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Police officers not the only target

Bullet proof vest

Well, I was happy to learn from the media that the police authorities have resolved to provide body armor and escort motorcycles to personnel working with its senior officials. Given the way fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed, one cannot blame them for such a luxurious gift. However, I …

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