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Should we stop falling in love?

Should We Stop Falling In Love?

I was watching this movie called ‘For Colored Girls’ which has the likes of Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Whoopy Goldberg, Kerry Washington among others last weekend when one of the girls mentioned an interesting statement. She said, “HIV/AIDS is for women who fall in love.” When I heard that statement, …

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What has gotten into Ugandans?

Mob Justice

Is it me or was there a killing spree that was declared that I don’t know about. If that isn’t the case then we have a great problem. I have a great fear that many of our people have been possessed by demons but they just don’t know it yet. …

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Vasectomy:  Men fear impotency more than war

Men Fear Impotency Than War

When we say that birth control is mainly a woman’s role we are just being true. Reality has shown that most men keep themselves aloof from such responsibility. They even don’t want to be bothered. A woman is supposed to control the number of children she is supposed to have …

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Giving accountability is a responsibility, not a punishment

After marriage those who attended your wedding expect you to get children

Being raised by responsible parents is a bonus and a good foundation that prepares you to handle future challenges with ease. Things are fast changing and children are now being carelessly raised with no sense of respect, tolerance and accountability.  I remember those days when my parents could not buy …

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Do not victimize children in National Identity Card Registration

School-going children should not be victimised

The director of operations and registrations at the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) said at a press conference recently that NIRA will be registering only those students whose parents or guardians have already registered with NIRA and also posses the National Identification Numbers (NINs). The State Minister for Primary …

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Torture: Big example of Government’s either,  duplicity or, indifference

Byamukama who was tortured at Nalufenya

Until their own, Kamwenge Town Mayor, Geoffrey Byamukama, surfaced with scarred and bleeding knees, an outrageous example of Police/ISO /CMI torture, the Government had paid no attention to the cries of other tortured suspects, in the case of the murdered Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Then, suddenly everybody, who is somebody, jumps …

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Job rotation and transfers; answer to embezzlement of funds

Answer To Embezzlement Of Funds

When I look at how the former Centenary Bank manager, Edgar Kule embezzled Ushs 537m, a court case that was disclosed in one of the local dailies, it’s quite evident that his being in one position for a long time is what enabled him to pull off that task. Kule …

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Sports a tool for creating peace’

Sports, A Peace Creating Tool

‘ The use of sport to promote peace and development is not entirely new.The Olympics are a historic example of sport used for a higher purpose. However, until recently, sport has remained on the sidelines of mainstream humanitarian and development programming, considered a luxury in the context of other development …

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Health ministry should blame itself

Health Ministry Should Blame it'self

When I recently read about how the State minister for health blasted men who take male circumcision to be a lasting preventive measure, against the spread of HIV/AIDS, I kind of got confused. Isn’t it the ministry of health has been campaigning for ? If some simple minded men take …

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