Monday , March 27 2017
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Did we over rely on good luck?

President Yoweri Museveni

The rains stopped coming on time; China stopped growing; South Sudan went to war; DRC learned how to manage its affairs better; donors became broke and closed the taps; commodity prices fell; and our relatives ‘sweeping’ abroad had very little to send home!             Uganda’s economy is in crisis. That much …

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Do not delay LC 1 polls any further

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

The basis and the practice for which the NRM Government is known and nationally recognized for, is the holding of the regular and timely polls. This underscores the essence of the democratic principles for which it came to power, more than thirty years ago. There are six tiers of these …

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Senior officers deserve better protection

The late Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Whenever, I think of the way fallen AIGP, Andrew Felix Kaweesi (God bless his soul) was killed, I shudder and tears well up in my eyes. His assassination clearly shows how fruitless it is for one to fight against death when it comes knocking. By the time Kaweesi was killed, …

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Parents are simply spoiled

Minister of Education Janet Museveni

In her campaign to improve UPE schools, the Education Minister, Janet Museveni has called upon head masters and teachers to sensitize parents on the significance of providing their children with school food. I am sure the first lady made this call after realizing that government cannot actually provide food for …

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The private sector needs government support

Minister of Finance Matiya Kasaija

Uganda implemented far reaching economic reforms from early 1990s with the view that markets would serve best the growth and development needs of the country. The Uganda Investment Authority was also established in 1991, by an Act of parliament, as a semi-autonomous government agency operating in partnership with the private …

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A shocking encounter with fall army-worms

  About a week ago, my wife Esther brought my attention to an attack in our little maize garden. She urged me to spray the tender plants having detected damage on the leaves on the crop that is just three weeks now. I hesitantly accepted to spray against the feeling …

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Thumbs up for President Trump

President Donald Trump

I know many people have considered US elected President Donald Trump as something close to a nuisance given his uncensored words, ridiculous behavior and unrealistic ideas. However, today, I must congratulate Trump for what I will call a brilliant idea. It was revealed recently that Trump and his administration have …

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Are there Cancer- laden bras in Uganda?

Are there cancer-laden bras on our market?

Social media has been awash with scaring information about cancer -laden bras in our market Whereas I am not an ardent believer of social media stuff, but if this happens to be true I might become one of the victims. I had one such bra  because I had such a …

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