Friday , June 23 2017
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Ikebesi Omoding

Genesis of the bodaboda English word

The intersection of the road from Kampala, about three quarters of a kilometer from the Busia Customs Border Post, to the one from Tororo towards Lumino by the Lake Victoria, is roughly at a 90 degree angle. On the right side before the intersection is the bus/taxi park that is the disembarking point for, even …

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United Nations has failed the Nations

UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterez

“Britain is like a toothless bulldog, wagging its tail before Smith, and fearing him like hell.” In 1974, that statement, during the Internet pre-viral days, went globally “viral”. It was said by the Zambian High Commissioner to Britain, Ali Simbule, castigating the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, for failing to reign in Rhodesia’s Ian Smith …

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