Wednesday , May 24 2017
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Isa Senkumba

Giving accountability is a responsibility, not a punishment

After marriage those who attended your wedding expect you to get children

Being raised by responsible parents is a bonus and a good foundation that prepares you to handle future challenges with ease. Things are fast changing and children are now being carelessly raised with no sense of respect, tolerance and accountability.  I remember those days when my parents could not buy …

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Honey, I missed my periods

I missed my periods

If someone has ever told you this statement you must have taken her, with some justice, to be a kill joy or a sadist of some sort.  This is one of those statements you receive and your intestines run cold especially if the person making it is just a girlfriend …

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The need to fix our Poor-reading culture

Ugandans need develop their reading culture

Gone are the days when the popularity of reading novels, plays, magazines and collections of poems took a gigantic part of a youth’s time. This extra ordinary appreciation of the reading culture boosted the intellectual skills of the young as well as the old. As young people we used to …

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The private sector needs government support

Minister of Finance Matiya Kasaija

Uganda implemented far reaching economic reforms from early 1990s with the view that markets would serve best the growth and development needs of the country. The Uganda Investment Authority was also established in 1991, by an Act of parliament, as a semi-autonomous government agency operating in partnership with the private …

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The Boss-Employee relationship determines business direction

A 2015 report from the market research firm Gallup found that out of 7,200 adults who were surveyed, about 50% left their job “to get away from their manager.” There’s nothing worse than a bad boss! You have heard the old saying: People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.  Being …

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We need drivers’ inspection not vehicle inspection

Vehicles which cause accidents are not necesarilly in dangerous mechanical condition

Towards the end of 2016, government unwrapped a new scheme to inspect all vehicles in Uganda and establish their road worthiness. This program met open hostility from the public claiming that it is intended to extract money from citizens in the name of vehicle inspection and not to ensure safety …

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When strikes remain the only remaining option

Striking Makerere University students

When everything fails, strike! This is how people are likely to think when they want to get their points across. We have nurtured generations that believe that it is only through a strike that those in charge will respond to your concerns. What a pity! Because people in charge always …

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