Wednesday , May 24 2017
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Ramathan Ggoobi

Why NRM lost the elite

Some of the many Nyanzi's disciples who follow on Nyanzi's posts

The leaders of the ruling party have told Ugandans on their faces how they no longer care about public interest, hence Stella Nyanzi and her many disciples!     The National Resistance Movement (NRM) may claim that it is in charge of the affairs of this country. Its chairman is …

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Blame NRM for increased inequality

Uganda’s inequality did not just happen; it was created by NRM’s unfettered markets and politics!     When I started writing this column some 10 years ago, in my second article to grace these pages, entitled, “SAPs will never alleviate poverty in Uganda until government swaps places with donors,” I …

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Did we over rely on good luck?

President Yoweri Museveni

The rains stopped coming on time; China stopped growing; South Sudan went to war; DRC learned how to manage its affairs better; donors became broke and closed the taps; commodity prices fell; and our relatives ‘sweeping’ abroad had very little to send home!             Uganda’s economy is in crisis. That much …

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Is Uganda’s economy in recession?

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

Experts have indicated that a number of economic shocks have exacerbated the post-election slowdown of the economy! The public debate about the poor health of Uganda’s economy has refused to go away. A few months ago, representatives of government and its agencies used to dismiss anyone who dared to say …

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Mission 2020: Wishful but not truthful

Chairman National Planning Authority Kisamba Mugerwa

The obsession for long term planning has brought down the curtain on Uganda’s 25 year economic party!    Uganda has a long ‘wish list’ for the year 2020. The country wishes to become a lower middle income economy in 2020. It wishes to export 20 million bags of Coffee (60kg …

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Uganda’s economy in 2017

Bank of Uganda Governor Emmanue Tumusiime Mutebille

Analysis, projections and risks everyone needs to know! Ugandans have lived through difficult economic horizons. However, 2016 will be remembered for quite a time. It has been a year many Ugandans could not wait to end, for a number of reasons. First,it started with difficult political questions.Traditionally election years in …

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Politics of school fees

Minister Dr. John Muyingo

Can politicians or bureaucrats who own private schools regulate the education sector?   This week, schools started the new term and the New Year. Like it has been the case since 2008, schools increased fees children pay to attend classes and other activities. Throughout the week, social media were awash …

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Why Ugandans get loans to go betting?

Ugandans can borrow money to bet

If we are to become a middle-income country, we must drop the numerous growth-retarding habits that we picked from our ancestors!   Last week I attempted to define the various micro-economic characteristics and behavioral weaknesses of a typical Ugandan that tend to perpetually keep us in a pseudo poverty trap …

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