Friday , June 23 2017
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Time to undertake agricultural reform

President Museveni on his farm

  The government of President Museveni has implemented over a dozen interventions into the agricultural or rural development sector since coming to power 31 years ago, but with little success. The outcome of these failures are all too clear to everyone; rising income inequality, worrying levels of unemployment, recurrent food shortages and the attendant health …

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All areas of the economy should emulate Uganda’s tourism performance

Uganda's symbolic bird the Crested Crane

In the last week alone, the Cable News Network – CNN; the International Tourism Board – ITB, Berlin; and, Rough Guides – all international organizations with considerable influence in highlighting the tourism performance and potential of all countries, have all come in glowing tribute to our tourism characteristics and quality. CNN puts our tourism excellence …

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Do not delay LC 1 polls any further

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

The basis and the practice for which the NRM Government is known and nationally recognized for, is the holding of the regular and timely polls. This underscores the essence of the democratic principles for which it came to power, more than thirty years ago. There are six tiers of these polls; from the Local Council …

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