Wednesday , May 24 2017
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Should we stop falling in love?

Should We Stop Falling In Love?

I was watching this movie called ‘For Colored Girls’ which has the likes of Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Whoopy Goldberg, Kerry Washington among others last weekend when one of the girls mentioned an interesting statement. She said, “HIV/AIDS is for women who fall in love.” When I heard that statement, …

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What has gotten into Ugandans?

Mob Justice

Is it me or was there a killing spree that was declared that I don’t know about. If that isn’t the case then we have a great problem. I have a great fear that many of our people have been possessed by demons but they just don’t know it yet. …

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Vasectomy:  Men fear impotency more than war

Men Fear Impotency Than War

When we say that birth control is mainly a woman’s role we are just being true. Reality has shown that most men keep themselves aloof from such responsibility. They even don’t want to be bothered. A woman is supposed to control the number of children she is supposed to have …

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Job rotation and transfers; answer to embezzlement of funds

Answer To Embezzlement Of Funds

When I look at how the former Centenary Bank manager, Edgar Kule embezzled Ushs 537m, a court case that was disclosed in one of the local dailies, it’s quite evident that his being in one position for a long time is what enabled him to pull off that task. Kule …

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Health ministry should blame itself

Health Ministry Should Blame it'self

When I recently read about how the State minister for health blasted men who take male circumcision to be a lasting preventive measure, against the spread of HIV/AIDS, I kind of got confused. Isn’t it the ministry of health has been campaigning for ? If some simple minded men take …

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Medical practitioners should stop confusing us

Health Ministry Should Blame it'self

I was recently attending a health camp sponsored by NSSF, Uganda Heart Institute  when the minister of  state for health Sarah Opendi advised the senior citizens that people above 45 years of age should take one aspirin each day. She explained that, this prevents the formation of blood clots, and …

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Let’s not debate about legalizing abortion

Debate about legalizing abortion

The issue of legalizing abortion is really starting to get on my nerves. This is one issue we shouldn’t waste our energy on. Yes, I know we have lost so many young women to unsafe abortions but will legalizing it solve the problem. I don’t think so. I believe legalizing …

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Involve students in entertainment activities

Drummers for the Ganda Bakisimba Muwogola Nankasa dance

I was not surprised when I read about how over 150 students from different secondary schools in Mbale were arrested recently during a police raid on a club in Mbale town. Going wild and doing all kinds of crazy things such as sneaking out of schools to go clubbing, hit …

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Police officers not the only target

Bullet proof vest

Well, I was happy to learn from the media that the police authorities have resolved to provide body armor and escort motorcycles to personnel working with its senior officials. Given the way fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed, one cannot blame them for such a luxurious gift. However, I …

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Senior officers deserve better protection

The late Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Whenever, I think of the way fallen AIGP, Andrew Felix Kaweesi (God bless his soul) was killed, I shudder and tears well up in my eyes. His assassination clearly shows how fruitless it is for one to fight against death when it comes knocking. By the time Kaweesi was killed, …

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