Monday , April 24 2017
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Involve students in entertainment activities

Drummers for the Ganda Bakisimba Muwogola Nankasa dance

I was not surprised when I read about how over 150 students from different secondary schools in Mbale were arrested recently during a police raid on a club in Mbale town. Going wild and doing all kinds of crazy things such as sneaking out of schools to go clubbing, hit …

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Police officers not the only target

Bullet proof vest

Well, I was happy to learn from the media that the police authorities have resolved to provide body armor and escort motorcycles to personnel working with its senior officials. Given the way fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed, one cannot blame them for such a luxurious gift. However, I …

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Senior officers deserve better protection

The late Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Whenever, I think of the way fallen AIGP, Andrew Felix Kaweesi (God bless his soul) was killed, I shudder and tears well up in my eyes. His assassination clearly shows how fruitless it is for one to fight against death when it comes knocking. By the time Kaweesi was killed, …

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Parents are simply spoiled

Minister of Education Janet Museveni

In her campaign to improve UPE schools, the Education Minister, Janet Museveni has called upon head masters and teachers to sensitize parents on the significance of providing their children with school food. I am sure the first lady made this call after realizing that government cannot actually provide food for …

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Thumbs up for President Trump

President Donald Trump

I know many people have considered US elected President Donald Trump as something close to a nuisance given his uncensored words, ridiculous behavior and unrealistic ideas. However, today, I must congratulate Trump for what I will call a brilliant idea. It was revealed recently that Trump and his administration have …

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Are there Cancer- laden bras in Uganda?

Are there cancer-laden bras on our market?

Social media has been awash with scaring information about cancer -laden bras in our market Whereas I am not an ardent believer of social media stuff, but if this happens to be true I might become one of the victims. I had one such bra  because I had such a …

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Make blood donation compulsory

Good samaritans donating blood have become rare in Uganda

The revelation by the Director of Uganda Blood Transfusion services that Uganda faces a shortage of 140,000 units of blood (41%) of the required amount of blood every year which has resulted into the death of thousands of Ugandans got me puzzled. If there is a shortage of blood and …

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Pregnant students should not be tolerated in schools

Pregnant at school

I totally disagree with the new law, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is planning to set up in rescue of young girls who are expelled from school because of pregnancy. According to a clause in this law, schools will be banned from expelling pregnant students from school. The law …

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Betty Kamya, it starts with you

You must lead by example

It’s hard to remove a tradition that has been practiced for centuries when you don’t practice what you preach. Recently, in a local daily Betty Kamya, Minister for Kampala called upon Christian worshippers especially those from the Anglican Church to stop entering Church with shoes on. I had liked her …

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Where will the kidneys come from?

Mulago gearing up for Kidney transplants but where will they be getting the kidneys from

I liked the idea of Mulago Referral Hospital initiating the plan of carrying out kidney transplants starting September, this year. I believe this is the first good news I have received since the end of last Year. The reason why transplants are expensive is because many are carried out abroad. …

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