Thursday , February 23 2017
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Make blood donation compulsory

Good samaritans donating blood have become rare in Uganda

The revelation by the Director of Uganda Blood Transfusion services that Uganda faces a shortage of 140,000 units of blood (41%) of the required amount of blood every year which has resulted into the death of thousands of Ugandans got me puzzled. If there is a shortage of blood and …

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Pregnant students should not be tolerated in schools

Pregnant at school

I totally disagree with the new law, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is planning to set up in rescue of young girls who are expelled from school because of pregnancy. According to a clause in this law, schools will be banned from expelling pregnant students from school. The law …

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Betty Kamya, it starts with you

You must lead by example

It’s hard to remove a tradition that has been practiced for centuries when you don’t practice what you preach. Recently, in a local daily Betty Kamya, Minister for Kampala called upon Christian worshippers especially those from the Anglican Church to stop entering Church with shoes on. I had liked her …

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Where will the kidneys come from?

Mulago gearing up for Kidney transplants but where will they be getting the kidneys from

I liked the idea of Mulago Referral Hospital initiating the plan of carrying out kidney transplants starting September, this year. I believe this is the first good news I have received since the end of last Year. The reason why transplants are expensive is because many are carried out abroad. …

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Make use of post-mortem

Many deaths in Uganda are attributed to witchcraft

I was in a Saloon recently when I listened in to a ridiculous conversation of witchcraft by hair dressers. It happens that they had a friend, fellow hair dresser who died of a mysterious death. She suffered from her ailment for only two days before she died. No one seemed …

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NEMA should shut up

NEMA Boss Okurut

I find it absurd when the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) threatens to demolish all illegally constructed buildings found in Namanve Wetlands. Isn’t it too late to such an act? By the way, where was NEMA when the towns in Namanve wetlands were being established? What was it doing to …

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Castration will end child marriages

Black Jesus who was castrated by mob

I don’t understand why the government is continuing its lenient stand when it comes to child marriages. Is it not aware that the future of our girl child is being destroyed by those marriages? Not only do they miss out on their right to education but they are forced to …

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Suicidal people need Love and care not condemnation

Feeling low

Once a person decides to commit suicide, that’s one indication that he/she is not thinking right in the mind. By saying this I am not implying that this person is mad or crazy. They simply have a mental problem that makes them think that death is the only solution to …

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No need to regulate workplace romance

Celebrity couple Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Lutaaya have been working together in a successful business for many years now

When I heard that the government was trying to separate married teachers from teaching in the same school, I wondered what was really wrong with married couples working in the same organization. Is the government trying to imply that marriage is a bad idea or are they simply trying to …

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Why Uganda at 54 is still not independent

Does this disguised employment signify independence

While our counterparts in Kenya and Tanzania were rolling the bitter Mau Mau and Maji Maji rebellions respectively¬† to dismantle the vicious colonial machinery, history was busy conspiring to grant Uganda Independence without a single shot being fired. While other Africans were agitating to recover their land, the British were …

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