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Nu Eagles breaking after directors separation!!


Nu Eagles breaking after directors separation!!

Embattled Nu Eagle Directors

Embattled Nu Eagle Directors

Rafiki recently reported that a former director at Eagles Production was in trouble; Rafiki can reliably report now that this Director was Lutaaya of the Nu Eagles.

Rafiki has now been informed by a snoop that this director has unofficially separated from his wife because of a reported pregnancy that has been doing rounds in the press

Mbu, this pregnancy has not only separated the two directors but that it has started rearing its ugly head into the groups activities.

Rafiki is privy to info that as recently as a month ago, the group was planning to go on a national tour which we understand has now been cancelled.

Rafiki has also been informed that the group has allegedly stopped all their rehearsals despite the fact that Irene has been nominated for a female award. Mbu Irene has not spoken to Lutaaya since this saga was revealed. Uhmm this is not good for our ears who love these two.




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