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Was Ssekyewa drunk


Was Ssekyewa drunk

Ssekyewa with injuries after the fall

Ssekyewa with injuries after the fall

The late Paul Kafeero, the genius of”‘Kadongo Kamu” (Uganda’s equivalent of country music) sang and said that if a known drunkard falls even if sober those around him will say it’s the the effect of booze (Ttamiiro).

This must have been the question on every body’s lips when on Sunday last week, Charles Ssekyewa performed at Lyantonde garden.

That while our Ssekyewa was getting off the stage after this live performance, he fell flat on his face heavily injuring his nose and mouth.

A close source told Grapevine that Ssekyewa was 100% sober but this was hard to convince revelers who always sight him always sipping a cold beer every first thing in the morning.

But insiders have informed our snoop that he must have been sober because his boss Hajji (Kitooke) does not allow performers to drink before they perform!



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