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Kyanjo in trouble over elections


Kyanjo in trouble over elections

Hussein Kyanjo promoting his son for Makindye MP

Hussein Kyanjo promoting his son for Makindye MP

When the un-announced ‘Muhoozi project’ was mentioned in political corridors, did that with his daughter Nampijja no one ever raised a finger.

Now Hussein Kyanjo after announcing that he will not vie for the Makindye East MP seat, he is busy selling his son Fahad Kyanjo as his replacement (is this not akin to the Muhoozi project, if at all it is there?).

Back to his woes, as a JEMA MP, Kyanjo has ignored the official JEMA candidate for this seat saying that this candidate cannot win because he is very weak, so now Kyanjo thinks his sone will do better.

Kyanjo being a good orator, I would like to inform him that the saying ‘what is good for the goose is also good for the gander……….’ applies to him as well and there fore should never talk about the Muhoozi project ever again.

At least we know Lukyamuzi can’t even mention that name because he is now a constant guest in Rwakitura!



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