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Mary Luswata now a target for NBS?


Mary Luswata now a target for NBS?

Famed Lugambo queen Mary Luswata

Famed Lugambo queen Mary Luswata

After NBS television milking WBS dry and poaching other journalists from other stations, our snoop from this station has now landed on info mbu the known Amasengejje carriers are now preparing to snatch Mary Luswata from Urban TV.

Luswata, famed to be the greatest Lugambo queen,  who is hated by almost everyone who is a who in the Uganda celebrity arena, has a controversial way of reporting her Lugambo without mincing words or minding about any body’s  feelings.

Luswata is also known for not daring to walk alone on the streets of kampala fearing retaliation from the many who threaten her with revenge because of her way of reporting.

Question is, will the Lugambo queen jump on the NBS ship or will she stick to her Urban job???

Only time will tell.




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