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Bobi Wine bans ganja smoking in studio


Bobi Wine bans ganja smoking in studio

Ghetto president Musician Bobi

Ghetto president Bobi Wine

After a recent, sudden police swoop that caught the Firebase crew by surprise, word from the ghetto is that the ghetto president has banned smoking ganja in or even around his studio. Mbu, he is worried that the police will be popping in un announced every now and then because he is perceived as pro-opposition.

This is after a series of visit to the opposition leader and his songs that are pregnant with sympathy for the opposition.

Now Rafiki has learnt that immediately after his crew was released after 3 days in the cells, he called for an emergency meeting and instead of advising them that they should stop the ganja smoking totally, he only banned smoking in and around the studio.

Our snoop tells us that at his home in Magere, no one is allowed to light up because of the kids that are around and also the first lady of the ghetto does not allow it.

Rafiki thinks that may be its time the president and his crew decided to go for drug counseling! Just saying.





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