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Pallaso now hooks Rhoda


Pallaso now hooks Rhoda

has he hooked up with Rhoda K” width=”800″ height=”417″ /> Musician Pallaso, has he hooked up with Rhoda K ?

After Jeff broke Sheebah and Pallaso up, now Rafiki has learnt that Pallaso, though a married man, has decided to hook up with someone to replace Sheebah.

Rafiki has seen Pallaso in a parked car which was seemingly concealed in the darkness and the only visible thing to be seen was thick smoke wafting out of this car through the small space left in the windows.

After a short while, a lady was seen coming out of this car, only for Rafiki to realise that the lady was Rhoda K. who is believed to have released a new song with Pallaso.

What troubled Rafiki however, was the smell of the smoke coming out of the car – It really smelled like ganja smoke and this worries rafiki because now the question boiling in his mind is; does this new young artist also smoke the stuff?

If so, then God should help this nation and if not, then, this lady must be very tolerant.



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