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Bad black in triple jeopardy


Bad black in triple jeopardy

Bad Black's financial troubles

Bad Black’s financial troubles

The fact that Bad Black no longer has any dime is no longer an open secret. But a small bird has told Grapevine that Bad Black had left some money in Malaysia, but that when she went there to pick it she was given only one week to leave the country.

Word is that the Malaysian authorities came to know that she is an ex convict and that they suspected that she was there to ply body business, thus forcing her to leave within a week.

Rafiki has also learnt that she is looking for a buyer to sell off one of her houses where she has vowed that only serious buyers will be told where this house is located.

With her former Muzungu now ignoring her calls, her chances of looking like a Chinese, as she had promised, now lies in balance.



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