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Lutalo, Walukagga now Uganda’s number one crowd pullers


Lutalo, Walukagga now Uganda’s number one crowd pullers

Uganda's greatest crowd puller todayA survey done by the Grapevine panel has found that David Lutalo is now Uganda’s number one crowd puller; this is after a survey that was conducted by our panel in Masaka and other rural areas like Mityana and Jinja.

This would not be news at all since the majority of the other big fish are still under boycott because of their Tubonge participation, but the thing that surprised the panelists is the fact that Lutalo beats other big stars who were not in Tubonge. Key amongst them is our Bet Award winner Eddy Kenzo.

Recently while in Masaka, this seemed to be the same pattern all over the country till when the tours ended.

Kadongokamu maestro Mathias Walukagga

Kadongokamu maestro Mathias Walukagga

Coming closely in second position at the heels of David Lutalo is Mathias Walukagga who has coined himself as the opposition’s voice. This new position is giving him such a big mileage that whenever he goes revelers fill the venues to the brim.

But will these two keep their positions intact if at all Ugandans forgive the Tubbonge crew guys?

Only time will tell.



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