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Mayinja trying to kill Golden Production


Mayinja trying to kill Golden Production

Ronald Mayinja about to kill Golden Production

Ronald Mayinja about to kill Golden Production

We were the first ones to tell you when Eagles Production was about to break up some years back and again now we have it on good authority that the giant group is about to break again. The sad sad news is that this time its going to happen with the help of Mayinja one of the big directors.

Rafiki has learnt that Ronald Mayinja is on the verge of breaking Golden Production, this has been seen to be true because he dismisses all the decisions that are made by the other directors.

Just recently, the group, while, in a meeting in Munyonyo agreed that they should all benefit from the group; that manager KT should buy a coaster for transporting the musicians to shows (to be hired by the group at 150k per day), and that Mayinja should buy a lorry to transport equipment.

But to the amazement of all members, Mayinja bought both the lorry and the coaster, he also went ahead and bought a stage worth 40million, something he was not supposed to do.

So all the other directors are mad with him. And as if that is not bad enough, Mayinja has made a decision that all the young members of the group  should not be paid their remuneration, these include the drummers, guitarists and all those who fall in such a category.

From what Rafiki has heard, Mayinja still owes payment of three shows to this group, which he has adamantly refused to pay.

Now if this group breaks up again, don’t ask us what the cause was, we have already told you?




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