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Cream Production’s David Mugema in deep trouble


Cream Production’s David Mugema in deep trouble

The katonda wa banaku teyebaka singer David Mugema

The katonda wa banaku teyebaka singer David Mugema

This obviously talented musician from Cream Production (He sang Katonda wa banaku teyebaka) is in deep trouble.

Our snoop was present when Mugema made a Usain Bolt sprint, running away from one lady Z from Gals Betting House.

Apparently, mbu Mugema is a gambling addict, and that he uses his celeb status to ask attendants of betting houses to place huge stakes that he is never able to see through.

Just recently he placed a stake of  a whooping Ugshs450,000 at Comrades bar in Makindye and that he took off without paying.

So the drama last week was that Lady Z  decided to come to Kakembo road where Mugema frequents, and pretended that she wanted Mugema to come and sing in her kwanjula.

Taken by the prospects of making money, Mugema came and sat in, lady Z’s car where the lady just threatened him and demanded for her money.

What Mugema did, left even lady Z laughing; mbu, he just opened the car door and took off into

the dark corners in a sprint that would have even surprised Usain Bolt.

Our snoop has learnt that the betting company is planning something horrible for him……

Wamma Mugema u cant solve the problem by running as the Baganda say……Onogumaza mbilo?




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