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Bebe Cool still hunting for State house dime


Bebe Cool still hunting for State house dime

Bebe still hunts for money promised

Bebe still hunts for money promised

From the corridors of power, Rafiki has espied Bebe as now a regular visitor at Kyadondo and sometimes State house; what Rafiki can tell you is that every time he has seen the Munene, he 9the Munene) really looked very disturbed….

Word is that, Bebe was promised some money by the NRM but that till now, he has not received even a single penny!

Mbu he has been tossed from one end of the corridors to the other with State house telling him to go to Okello house and the Okello guys telling him that State house should be the one to settle him, since this was a personal pledge from the high office.

Rafiki has also learnt that Bebe is wondering why he can’t see the top bosses of NRM, while he has a writen authority from the old man himself to get paid!

Grapevine thinks that it’s a high time these guys should stick to people who stick by them during their hour of need, and pay Big size what is really due to him!




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