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Chameleone sacks managers


Chameleone sacks managers

Jose Chamelleone

Jose Chamelleone

When Chameleone returned from America recently, he found out that even the controversial recent ‘Agatako’ song has not yet done anything for people to forget the Tubonge thing.

Now Rafiki has learnt that one of the reasons why the Doctor is sacking and re-hiring his managers Sam and Mutima in rounds is because both of them had advised him to apologize to the masses something that he did not want to do.

Now Rafiki has learnt that Chameleone is waiting to see how Bebe Cools show will go and then he makes a decision

Mbu if it flops, then, he will release the Apology song that he has already finished producing….

Will the NRM bring him problems after apologizing? Or will they let bygones be bygones after all they won the elections with massive voters turning to watch Chameleone and the others



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