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Chamilli attacked by Kifeesi


Chamilli attacked by Kifeesi

Musician Jose Chamilli

Musician Jose Chamilli

We have said it again and again that one of these days the Kifeesi  goons will injure an important person and then we will regret why we just looked on as their terrorism muscles expanded.

After performing at Freedom City at the Gravity Omutujju’s money concert, Chameleon headed for the parking lot to get his car

On reaching the parking lot he was accosted by some goons belonging to the Kifeesi crew who threatened to beat him to pulp unless he gave to them Ug shs 100k.

Fearing for his life, Chameleone could do nothing but dip his hand in his pockets to give the goons the money they wanted.

He later on contacted police and asked them to escort him out of the parking lot up to the city center where he was slated to perfomr for other revelers who were waiting for him.



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