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Lady Titie to sue Katongole Omutongole


Lady Titie to sue Katongole Omutongole

Katongole and lady Titie

Katongole and lady Titie

Titie has warned Ex-hubby Katongole Omutongole to stop using her name in useless stunts.

This comes after Katongole Omutongole’s marriage to one Nkubakyeyo who he is alleged to have stolen from her  lover who lives in Londonn

Katongole, in a fit of anger after Titie got married went to social media and posted himself introducing a woman believed to be a Nkubs Kyeyo, but not content with his choice Katongole has continued to attack Titie at whatever platform he gets.

However Titie is not happy with these attacks so she has promised to take legal action against Katongole if he does not stop using her name in these disrespectful stunts. Rafiki  just wants to remind Katongole that “Atava ku mulungi afa awoza.”



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