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Are Tanzanians racists?!!!!

Diamond , Zari and little Tifah
Diamond , Zari and little Tifah

Its not very long ago when Diamond Platinumz a Tanzanian dated and decided to marry our own Ugandan Zairi Hussein and the two eventually started a a family

Now rumour has it that Zari and her daughter Tifah recently received death threats from  un indentified source and the only reason for such threats is that many people in Tanzania are not happy with “Diamond’s decision to have kids with a Ugandan.

Many people are now condemning Tanzanians for behaving like South Africans whose xhenophobic behavior can not allow people from else where to settle in their land.

That this is the same reason Ugandans fear to work in Tanzania lest they get what happened to foreighners in Madiba land. Uhmmmmmm.