Friday , June 23 2017
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Ugandan celebrities: Are they headed for hell


Its Bob Marley who once said that “Herbs r de healing of de nation n alcohol  is de destruction of a nation” but now it seems our very own Ugandan celebrities are taking this literally as we speak now many of them have decided to take the path to hell because many of them are now addicted to de Herbs.

Recently while at a hang out, Rafiki overheard controversial blogger Ashburg reeling off a list of names of alleged weed smokers which he doubted very much because it included names like Bobi, Chamilli, Queen Bella, Sheebah, a one Hassan, Brig. Kasirye, Hajj Kitooke, Bafana, Gravity, Lydia Draru, a one Akankwasa, Cindy, some prominent MPs whose names we will soon release only if caught in some mischief plus a number of prominent Ugandans which Rafiki is not at liberty to release here.