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Chameleone too close to Cindy

Cindy too close to Dr. Chamili
Cindy too close to Dr. Chamili

During the wedding of city tycoon SK Mbuga, Jose Chameleone and his comrade “Cinderella Sanyu” aka Cindy became very close plus almost getting crazy for each other.

From that wedding, the two pals were seen leaving the wedding venue together, the two were again seen hanging out together in different places like Cayenne in Bukoto, Autospa in Munyonyo Bunga and Silk liquid having a blast

After these sourjons rumours started doing the rounds that the two were dating and these rumours were fuelled by Cindy when she posted pictures on her Instagram and facebook page chilling with the Doctor.

Now rumour has reached us that this has caused a not so good reaction from Daniella the wife and that she has warned the Doctor to stop ‘those surjourns’ with Cindy or else she packs her bags and leaves.