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Don Zella and Gravity!


Don Zella and Gravity!

Lady Donnazella dating Gravity

Lady Donnazella dating Gravity

Take it as a rumour but Rafiki is privy to info that Rapper Gravity is the new flame in the apple eye of former Big Eye partnere mama Donna Zella. And that even the bun she is baking in her tummy, its whispered, belongs to the same city rapper

That this Modelle mama recently boasted that she is the ‘hottest’ thing in town and that every guy in town is craving to have a peace of her cake.

This new couple on the block, has been seen hoppin in and out of Kampala’s night hangouts making a public display of themselves.

Don Zella recently praised Gravity’s prowess and secret power intimating that he is far better than many she has seen and known.

Rafiki has been told that the two are busy planning a collabo in the first part of 2017.



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