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Azizi Azion brings trouble for producer Joze


Azizi Azion brings trouble for producer Joze

Musician Aziz Azion

Musician Aziz Azion

A recent program on television highlighted how the music producers suffer in the background as the celebs bask in glory for hit songs.

They lamented the fact that the musicians come to them begging them to do for them hit songs with promises that they will pay them, later, but when things go right, the celebs play the cat and mouse game and never make any returns

The latest producer to face problems is producer Joze, his latest hit was of Azizi Azion and Sheebah a collabo that is really good by all standard.

Now Rafiki has learnt that, last Friday this producer had to tip toe  with all his belongings and studio  equipment from his rented premises where he had a studio in Makindye vanished into the night because of rent arrears.

As he was packing one nearby askari told our snoop that, producer Joze left the place cursing Azizi Azion and his like for his woes of not paying him! We hope Azizi has heard this plea!



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