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Daniela was what triggered Chamili’s war with Sipapa


Daniela was what triggered Chamili’s war with Sipapa

Daniella Mayanja wife of Chameleone

Daniella Mayanja wife of Chameleone

Talking about the verbal war going on between former partners in crime, Sipapa and Chameleone is not news, because the two have now gone a step further by beginning to abuse each other face to face, first they started by sending emissaries, then they took their war to social media: And now they are spilling each others deeper secrets;

But now, the seed of the war was a friendly request which Sipapa thought was innocent but Chameleone took it as offensive.

Apparently, Sipapa was planning to go to America (and in his shrewdness or naivety), he requested Chameleone that since Daniella (Chamili’s wife) had never gone to America, Chameleone should allow him (sipapa) to take her and show her that side of the world, because she has been a very patient and a good woman.

Chameleone told his brother Pallaso mbu, this is not the first time Sipapa is talking about Daniella like that, mbu once he promised Chameleone that he had a deal and that when the deal goes through, he will surprise Daniella with a a gift of a car!

Now if that is not stupidity on the part of  Sipapa can we call it kamanyiro or what –  tell me its name.



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