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Police hunt Butcher man for wife abuse


Police hunt Butcher man for wife abuse

Musician Butcherman

Musician Butcherman

Rafiki is yet to establish why Butcherman would lock his wife inside a house for four days, untill the landlord broke the door!

This happened recently in mutungo Bina where Butcherman resides.

Its for this same curiosity that  the Police is looking for him to explain what really happened.

Rafiki wants to give him the benefit of the doubt since our snoop reported that Butcherman was hospitalized after an overdose of mairungi (if there is anything like that).

But the sad truth is that even after being discharged by the hospital, he still refused to go back home, the only positive thing Rafiki has learnt is that despite the fact that he is not there the wife is in good health.



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