Friday , June 23 2017
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What is between Sheeba and her manager?

Sheeba Karungi
Sheeba Karungi

Grapevine panel has been given guidelines on content restriction, its against this background that has Rafiki has decided from thence that stores of Sheebah and her escapades should come to an end, this is because the list of her exploits has become too long to make any more news on this subject.

Today, Rafiki is reporting what he saw last week, time check; past midnight, place Nabweru, people coming out of the car Sheebah in tow with her producer Roger, all were very drunk and feeling cozy.

The next time the neighbours saw Sheebah, it was in the afternoon, changed and refreshed.

Neighbours have told Rafiki that she comes in the night and leaves late in the afternoon. Assumption…..the two are doing bad manners! Period!