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Fulfigure causes mayhem at lodge


Fulfigure Causes Mayhem At Lodge
Fulfigure Causes Mayhem At Lodge

There was a time when Fullfigure ruled the Uganda music scene, but that was then…………………..Recently, Rafiki was shocked to see her recently at one of those lodges near Dancers club threatening to beat up the watchman.

Full figure is nowadays a vocal figure at the Kavule stage in Kibuye where Rafiki learnt that she is now known for hurling abuses that are not suitable for the ears of the young.

This was known too late by the askari who experienced this first hand from her.the askari says that when he saw a woman covered in tattoos he thought she was one of those prostitutes who ply their business in the lodge,  kumbe Full figure also had a date and when the askari tried to block her entrance, abuses fell on him like manna from heaven.