Saturday , May 27 2017
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Kabako’s face cant money make any more – Jeff  Kiwa”


Kabako's Face Cant Make Money
Kabako’s Face Cant Make Money

When one of the best managers spells your doom, then my friend, you are in trouble if you are musician!

A close source at the TNS tells Grapevine that Jeff  Kiwa has fallen out with Kabako.

Apparently, mbu Jeff  believes that kabako reached his peak with his Number emu hit song and that he will never release any other song.

This information reached Kabako and he had to face Kiwa for an explanation, and Jeff without mincing any words, Jeff  told Kabako that his time came and went too soon and if he doesn’t believe it then he should just wait and see for himself.

Now word is that Kabako is contemplating moving out of TNS, to go and look for someone who believes in him!