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Wedding bells for Golden Production duo


Wedding bells for Golden Production duo

Soon tying the knot Doreen Mutibwa and Kinene who sang "I dont care"

Soon tying the knot Doreen Mutibwa and Kinene who sang “I dont care”

There are some organizations that really abhor and discourage members to date or have any sexual relationships within the group, this is not the policy at Golden production.

In fact at Golden Production, members have even been encouraged to get serious with each other, the younger members get the example of Catherine Kusasira and hubby who have been together since time immemorial.

Now something that started as a ‘not so serious’ relationship between Doreen and  guitarist Kinene has evolved into a serious thing and the two have now decided to formalize their union by the end of the year.

Actually, the arrangements have started and the wedding meetings will be at Calendar Rest House.

Grapevine is hoping that the directors will borrow a leaf from these two and they too wed their mama babies instead of just introductions.

Hopefully Mayinja and Meshach will read this and do the necessary!



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