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Pallaso becomes fugitive


Pallaso becomes fugitive

Musician Palaso

Pallaso on the run

Pallaso who is a Mugole in waiting has landed into problems:  There is this new guy called ‘Chosen Blood’ who is a member of  ‘TNS aka Team No Sleep’ who thinks that he can help his boss Kiwa to execute his  grudge against the Mayanja’s.

A witness at ‘Warehouse in Kawempe video production studio’ says mbu Pallaso wanted to talk to a certain Vixen and ‘Chosen blood’ told the petit babe not to ever go near Pallaso.

This infuriated  Pallaso and before Chosen blood could realize what had hit him, blood was oozing all over him from wounds inflicted by Pallaso.

As we speak now, there is an assault case filed at the police and a warrant of arrest has been issued for Pallaso.



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