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Young Mulo returns with more words than music


Young Mulo returns with more words than music

Young Mulo returns with more words than music

Young Mulo returns with more words than music

We all know young Mulo with at least his song “Bad man”, this song hit music waves in 2012, but after this song had made it, this guy started praising and seeing himself as the king of music, after that, his songs and fame started fading.

As of now, this faded musician is now back in power “as he always says” being managed by two managers, ‘Manager Jamal and BMK’ but ever since he made a big talk of his great come back, his manager, his focus blah blah blah, we still see a great talker with no music yet.

This Mulo guy started by attacking Bebecool about the OTT saga and Mulo warned Bebe to stay away from him as Bebe’s face might be destroyed by Mulo’s fists if he dare come close to him, but we have waited to receive bad news about big size but nothing has ever happened.

Currently young Mulo is having problems with his once Baby mama who claims that Mulo got her pregnant and has failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a father. Thought we are still not sure if this is true or a scam for publicity

We all know faded, upcoming and forever upcoming artistes are capable of doing anything to rise to fame, we pray for Young Mulo to not disappoint his fans and managers for he was a great musician and maybe we can learn to love him again





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