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Is Remah yearning for Kenzo’s commitment


Is Remah yearning for Kenzo’s commitment

Musician Rema Namakula

Musician Rema Namakula

We all know Remah and Kenzo have been together and the two even have a child. For a while now, words have been circulating that these two are no longer an item though none of them has ever come out to clear the air.

Recently Kenzo had a verbal fight on social media with blogger Ritah Kaggwa. The blogger claimed that Kenzo was dating one Salma who lives in Sweden and that she was pregnant with Kenzo’s child.

The post also stated that Kenzo could not keep up with Remah because she was cold hearted. Her post was met with insults from Kenzo but Remah did not seem bothered. She told Rafiki then that Kenzo was mature enough to chose who she dates. The Juice wa Mango singer said that her only concern was her daughter, her nails and her wardrobe.

However, Rafiki sees it otherwise. Remah’s new song “Sili Muyembe” gives clear indication that she misses the taata w’abaana.

Feel these lines: “Nzendaba obongoota zukuuka,” “Oba onjagala kindage”, “ogira osumagira balikuyita kulitalabaa…” Nkenzo should do something quickly otherwise “Ndiizi bagenda kumubojjogola.”



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