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Daxx Kartel trades career for love


Daxx Kartel trades career for love

Daxx Kartel so in love

Daxx Kartel so in love

Remember when Daxx Kartel was rumoured to be in relationships with both Queen Sheebah and Irene Ntale? I hope you recall very well how the two composed the Otubatisa song which they dedicated to the Omulyeluba.

Well, looks like the hunter has also been hunted. The buzzing business between the Batuzaala mu bbaala fame and Momo19 of Bavubuka ffetuliko of BBS television is seemingly drowning all Daxx Kartel’s senses.

The artist neither goes to studio nor performs at events. When Rafiki asked his problem, Kartel claimed that his manager no longer notifies him about gigs. He instead got a look alike who performs and acts Daxx.

However, Eddy Muwonge, Daxx’s Manager told Rafiki that the artiste finds Momo19’s affection more important than his career as he spends most of his time with her either out or at her place.

Well, well, looks like another artiste is trying to drop the manager and vice versa



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