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Fik Fameica wanted by police


Fik Fameica wanted by police

the tonsukuma star

the tonsukuma star


It looks like artistes and promoters learnt nothing from the recent stage bottle shower at the Royal Regency in London after artistes refused to perform due to misunderstandings between them and the event promoter.

Fik Fameica was recently booked by promoter Hussein Balam to perform at Turban Kicks in Kyabakuza, Masaka District, at a fee of UGX 4m. Fik was given UGX 2m before the performance and was assured of the other 2m after the show. Both parties had agreed to that.

On the D-day, the artiste was nowhere to be seen. When Hussein reached him by phone, Fameica promised to show up only after he had received his 2m balance. When Fameica was asked why he was abusing the agreement he said he was tired of promoters who cheat artistes’ money (balance) with claims after a show that the turn up was not good. He said he only performs after getting fully paid to avoid excuses.

You know how fans react when they don’t see an artiste they paid for on stage. They started throwing seats and destroying instruments. This prompted Original Kapagya, the venue’s manager, to report Hussein Balam to police and in a few minutes, Balam was arrested.

At the station, Balam proved his innocence when he presented documents that pinned the tonsukuma artiste. Balam was released and the police are now looking for Fik Fameica.



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