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Things not so good in AndyVille


Things not so good in AndyVille

B2C soldiers at the beach

B2C soldiers at the beach

You may have heard of the not-so-good relationship between manager Andy and the B2C soldiers. You may be aware that the two are on almost different paths of life after Andy failed to put the artistes on a salary arrangement.

Well, the latest gossip is that the cause of this sour relationship is because Andy failed to show full accountability after the success of both their maiden concert and other eight shows that were held in different parts of Uganda.

The B2C have always told Andy of how they are now grown up and each one of them needs a private home but Andy has always turned a deaf ear. The current situation is that the artistes now manage their bookings.

Close sources told Rafiki that the B2C will only work with Andy if he shows accountability and also gives them a salary. The group promises to clear the air soon through a press conference.

Before fame, the B2C had nothing except talent. Andy had the money and invested in them. Recently Andy seems to have run broke but he still wants to live glamorously as before. The two parties may part ways sooner than later.



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