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Judas writes another song for Nantongo


Judas writes another song for Nantongo

Bombshell; Singer Carol Nantongo

Did I tell you that Tukiggale was not written by only Eddy Yawe? Well, if you didn’t know, Jude Sentalo alias Judas contributed some verses to the song.

Word reaching Rafiki is that Judas has composed a song for Carol Nantongo, Ndagirira, apparently to console her over losing Tukiggale rights to Eddy Yawe.

Judas told Rafiki he did this to show Yawe that Carol’s camp is also capable of composing great lyrics. All this has come at a time when Nantongo and Yawe no longer perform their song Tukiggale together  at public events but rather, Yawe performs with Namiiro of the Da Nu Eagles.



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