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How people met their spouses

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How people met their spouses

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Former Attorney General Peter Nyombi with his wife

Former Attorney General Peter Nyombi and his wife

One of my favorite questions to ask married people when I am getting to know them is “How did you meet your spouse?”

The variations on the so familiar tale of “falling in love” are inspiring to me, you would enjoy the stories if not break your ribs with laughter.

Frankly speaking each couple has a different story to tell.  Someone told me that she met her husband from a ‘wrong number’ phone call. She was dating someone else at the time and when she was trying to call him to say good night she dialed a wrong number.

She hung up on discovering that a different person had picked. The man called back and insisted that they should be friends and that he liked her voice. The two organized to meet and that was the beginning of a romantic journey.

There are people who meet at the bar. Someone first met her husband at the bar and his first statement was ‘your bra strip is showing’. She must have thought that he was a jerk.

Others meet their mates at school and through friends. You may have met your spouse at the University or at the football tournament; he was a player on one of the teams and you where a cheerer. The more goals he scored the more he entered into your heart.

Some people snatch other people’s boyfriends and girlfriends. Someone confesses that her current husband was dating her roommate while at college but when the relationship failed to materialize the two separated.

The lad immediately picked up his ex’s roommate and they moved on.  Such cases are quite common among ladies. It is always very easy for a girl to jump onto a horse with her friend’s boyfriend.

There are couples that meet on sad occasions like accident, burial or murder scenes. Someone first met her husband outside their apartment building after a neighbor had been shot. The shooting pulled a crowd from the neighborhood including these two love birds.

Sometimes you are driving and then you accidently knock down a young woman. You rush her to a hospital and finally become part of her for the rest of your life.  Thanks to the accident!

I have seen people meeting in the supermarket, exchange phone numbers and have relationships started just like that.  You can also meet in the cinema, night club, party or any other place where people gather.

Someone confesses meeting her wife in a Pioneer bus. Both of them were standing in the bus corridor stick in traffic jam heading to Gayaza. They chatted to kill the boredom and ended up becoming friends.

Social media has also become an important meeting point. Many people now meet their would be partners on facebook, wattsap or twitter and the relationship blossoms into marriage.

It’s true though funny that there are people who meet in the public toilets.  Relationship experts say that where you first met determines the duration of your relationship.

School and work are the next-most common meeting locations. Parties and bars are good for short-term sexual relationships and not very good for marriages. Churches are good for meeting marriage partners and poor for meeting short-term sex partners.



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