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“PREGNANT POEMS; a poet’s view of politics and love”

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“PREGNANT POEMS; a poet’s view of politics and love”

Eron the Poet

Eron the Poet

Eron Kiiza, Kiiza talks about his roots as well as his inspiration for poetry. He reveals his inspiration for poetry and how he wishes the genre could be used to beautify Ugandan laws. Below are excerpts.

Qn who is Eron Kiiza?

Ans Kiiza Eron is a young lawyer from Ntungamo, a Mukiga from the Baziga clan, and is married with two children.

Qn How did you fall in love with poetry and even love to write poems.

Ans I got inspired from my grand mother’s kitchen in Kabale. While still young my grandmother used to tell us riddles across the fire place as she cooked porridge for sale in the market. Many strangers would also come and enrich her stories while I learnt the rest from school

Qn What is all about Pregnant Poems the book?

Ans The book is about today’s life, people’s feelings plus ideas which they treasure and the expectations they have. It encompasses every style of life and its friendly to all age groups

Qn what challenges did you encounter while doing this book

Ans I had a metaphorical fight with some of my editors ensuring that I keep the integrity of my country, Some of my editors wanted to infuse their fears and thinking into my works and I could allow this to happen.

Qn You are a lawyer, how do you relate poetry to law?

Ans Poetry can improve and beautify the laws in Uganda. It can even give exposure to ordinary people making them to start appreciating court rooms, listening to poetic and artistic arguments.



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