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‘Tears in my eyes’

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‘Tears in my eyes’


Tears in her eyes

Tears in her eyes

It is well known that a lot of people are in the world sweating, and thinking hard, to see that they attain good Life. There are different reasons why people succeed in life. Some men, and women, reached the mountain top because they worked all the time.

Others went to school, and paid a lot of attention. They went into the world and struggled, still, and thought, again, before succeeding. It makes me want to shed tears when I see a learned person undressing before cameras, for the whole world to see her breasts and to know what is taking place between her and the boss.

Now, others, like me, were ambitious. That is why we succeeded. There are so many things I see and just ignore them. Remember, I came here to make people rich and very successful. I see what is taking place around here and sometimes I cry.

People have prayed! You also saw. So many men of God prayed for us on 31st December, last year, and 1st January, this year.  Take care when praying. Whatever you pray for, sincerely, will come true.

A few days ago I got sick and almost slept down for several days. But it’s over now. To succeed is our business. You do not need to tell people that you are about to die. Ambitious men or women feel bad whenever they see no work in sight.

And whenever they suffer from diseases, they do not yell to show the world what is taking place. They cry but silently and, then, learn, lessons from what they have gone through. Even when they reach the extent of dying, they do not turn back to look at the wasted years or the rugged road ahead.

No! If you do the right things, there is everlasting life. I am now up and, again, with enough energy to enable me move on with you. And, I swear, we shall get there. Some journalists see the terrible things taking place here but they have remained silent.

Surely we lack bold journalists. Those who we think are brave took other routes and now cannot say even if a telecommunication company exploits people for all the years it wants.

Yes someone will advertise with us, here, but they must know that Uganda is a developing country and that, therefore, we, as a people, must do only things that will lead us into the sweet lives we are yearning to obtain!

I am so brave, and so focused, that I refused to go and kneel before veteran politicians who thought they thought for this country and when I went to some of them, I didn’t disclose to them that I was something important to this world.

I have fasted for more than thirty days this year. You have to be not so normal to achieve abnormal things. My friend, people say life is hard. It is very true! I know this to be true because, years ago, I was also undergoing suffering.

People discriminated me. In the past, very few people cared when I said I was so sick and therefore needed to go for treatment. You see, when you are poor, you lack this thing called ‘favour’. Today I make so many police men laugh.  Years ago, they were hunting me to put me in their cells.

Doctors know the appearance of the poor and they will ‘take their time’ before treating them. A nurse kicks or slaps he that she thinks is poor. This makes me cry.

I look here and see the other huge church with a massive congregation. Every Sunday people flock into that house of God.  Show me a genuine Christian among those and I will tell you why he obeys all the commandments. Perhaps it is because he is still poor and he thinks God blesses those who are obedient enough.

Politicians come and talk about poor roads and when you sit them down, to ask them, to let you know where those roads are, so many of them will not tell you. People are suffering!

I, therefore, respect very few politicians here! Most of them do not have facts. They are not informed. I look at the elected Mps in this country and ask the almighty to help us.

The public servants here are so corrupt and unwilling to work.  Politicians, here, will not pull people out of poverty. Some companies are now thorns in our feet. Some are jiggers and now feasting on you people. Open your eyes, my friend!

I see myself dying spiritually whenever I keep quiet. We are so busy now and let me urge you to be so focused. Someone might   pull you away from the road to success.

There are reasons why so many youth have resorted to gambling. Watch me closely and listen, a lot, next time. Someone’s life must change! Stay blessed!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Pubic Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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