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“When Religion meets love”

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“When Religion meets love”

Islamic devotees Lazia and Yasin say “I do”

Lazia and Yasin tied the knot on 3rd April 2016

Lazia and Yasin tied the knot on 3rd April 2016

You have dated several people that are either atheists, agnostics or just not practicing at all. You will admit in your earlier relationship that you weren’t as open-minded as you could have wanted to be about the beliefs of your partner but as you get older you will be more open-minded about accepting people for who they are and for their beliefs.

Unfortunately not everyone will ever get to that point so its always much better to move –in with a person whom you share spiritual beliefs.

This could have been the thought when Lazia met Yasin to be her is open to letting him do his own things with the Islamic faith since they are both Muslims. She thinks it is great because it happens to be a principle binding the two souls.

Most religious beliefs are not separate from an individual’s lifestyle. On the contrary, conforming to a lifestyle in which a person has no foundation is detrimental to the relationship as a whole. It can often be the difference between how you dress or what you eat to how you raise your children.

Religion tends to break or make ones relationship stronger as a whole. During the dating days… It doesn’t matter much until things get on a little serious than usual that’s when it makes a difference. Tolerance for differences starts to reduce and slowly questions and uncertainty about whether choosing a different path as compared to the other would suffice.

Having a united and similar view on  religion would start to fail and it usually becomes intense as more talks and discussion would occur which causes flaw and greyness to the future. Family views start to impose and slowly one has to consider if starting a family.

Would two different opinions wreck or strengthen a family? But if Love is there, trust is there, but after some time it takes more than those factors to make a life together.

Lazia Namatovu and Yasin Kafeero got married on 3rd April at Kitagobwa in Butambala District.




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