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Women prefer men who can cook

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Women prefer men who can cook

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Men Cooking: Many women prefer men who can cook

Men Cooking: Many women prefer men who can cook

Men and women have quite a lot in common just like they do have a numerous differences.  Traditionally cooking is known to be a woman’s role. The thought of a man cooking is a ridiculous one.

It is however important to note that men can also be very good cooks and sometimes better than some women. Women have a number of perceptions about men who cook and the make cooks out there should know this.

Some women believe that it is sexy to see a man cooking. Actually they love to watch a man cooking. It’s really hard to not fall in love with a man cooking in the kitchen.

Watching a man using his hands to delicately create something, is such a turn on. It goes way beyond gifting some pretty things. There is something really sensual about them cooking. Watching them as they are preparing a breakfast for you or making a cup of coffee definitely increases their sexy quotient by large numbers.

Quite a number of men who cook are never satisfied with their perfection. They might have just cooked a finger licking delicacy which you eat like hungry soul when served to you but when they taste it, they make strange faces, whose meaning is still unknown to women, and they comment on what minute faults they had made and take mind notes for avoiding those “unknown” mistakes in the future. These men wrongly think that since women are traditionally cooks, they may not enjoy what men have prepared for them.

Women are also aware that men are good conversation starters, especially at new places. Food is something which is likable throughout the planet. When you are at a new place as a tourist or as any other person, these men can easily start conversations with the localities.

It is a pleasure to travel with them because they always know how to break the ice and assume a friendly relation with any stranger. In fact men who cook are always ready to feed women at the dining table or in the kitchen and women love this.

A man who can cook is considered to be creative. Women love artistic men, those that can express themselves through art, music, literature, or culinary endeavors. Whether it is the inspiration to plate interesting meals every night for your wife, or the second-date thrill she will experience at seeing what you can improvise, you will prove that you are a creative guy with an artistic streak.

If you have not been a cook try learning and maybe become one because women love men who can cook. This act alone shows women that you are generous, multidimensional, skilled with your hands, sensitive and romantic.



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