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Women strip naked to be heard

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Women strip naked to be heard

Makerere don Stella Nyanzi recently striped aginst what she thought was injustice

Makerere don Stella Nyanzi recently striped aginst what she thought was injustice

Social media was recently flooded with Makerere lecturer Dr. Stella Nyanzi over her unusual protest.  Those people can’t make us rest. As we try to recover from Desire Luzinda’s exhibition, Stella Nyanzi shows up.

All the same we keep enjoying these developments; why not?  We love pornography and obscenity more that we love heaven. God himself is aware of this. He must be swinging in his chair with a cup of tea in heaven amused by how we exactly behave according to his plan.

Controversial Ugandan scholar Dr Stella Nyanzi has made good her threat and stripped naked outside the office of the Executive Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research.

For those of you who don’t know Dr. Nyanzi she is famous for her threats and antics during Uganda’s recent general elections, when she vowed to cut off her private parts in the event that the incumbent Museveni won the elections. This time she was protesting the decision by the institute to vacate her from the office to make space for a new program.

When a woman wants to put her point across she will look for something that can attract attention. This is either sex or nakedness. She is fully aware that vast majority of men will at least risk one eye.

In protests women will not hesitate to strip naked or stage a sex boycott to have things done.  Female students, politicians and workers and female activists have always thought of using sex or nakedness to show their dissatisfaction and advance their interests to authorities.

Around mid April this year furious Rhodes University students stripped off their clothes in protest at what they describe as the authorities’ failure to protect them from being raped.

The protests began when a group of students delivered a list of demands to the university’s management. Their demands include changes to the current sexual assault policy at the university. These include a change of the definition of rape to include those who are forced to penetrate another as well as to change the policy which currently requires victims to prove that their perpetrators intended to rape them.

Other naked protests have also been going on else where in the world. According to the daily mail, eight students have staged a naked protest, on Tuesday this week, after it was revealed that the University of Melbourne would continue to invest in the fossil fuel industry.

The students climbed onto the roof of the Old Quad building and stripped off their clothes to reveal the message ‘drop your assets’ painted onto their bare backs and buttocks. The group is protesting against the university’s administration after it was revealed that it would continue to invest in the fossil fuel industry.

Let’s not get shocked when a woman strips naked in a demonstration, it is their thing and they are good at it. In fact it opens doors for them.




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