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Simple steps to achieving orgasm

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Simple steps to achieving orgasm

Less than 5% of all women will tell you that they can achieve orgasm every time they make love, take note that I have used the word making love, not playing sex.

This is because what you see in porn movies is called ‘playing sex’ and not making love.

In love making, emotional in-put is a must ingredient while ‘playing sex’ the only thing that is important is your body, so let’s see why is it that men can achieve an orgasm as quickly as saying the word sex while to women it is always as elusive as the blue moon!

Be present

As I have always said it here above the emotional aspect is the number one aspect in that, sometimes even a quickie can defy the odds and one achieves an orgasm, despite the fact that things are done in a rush. So being emotionally present is the first prerequisite to achieving a super orgasm.

Sometimes it’s better not to make love if your heart is not in for it! Make a conducive romantic environ Its being documented that a good conducive romantic environment can quicken the process of an orgasm, privacy, music, and dim lights can create a world of romance that we only see in movies. So please make your bedrooms cluster free, don’t pack it with things that make it look stuffed. Borrow a leaf from the day today soaps you see.

Be in action

This is different from the ‘being present point’, here it is that you must not just lay there like a log do some action and make some noises, the body actions make muscles in your body move and the blood to circulate in all parts of your body. Also your action ignites passion to your partner and this will bounce back to you. So please do not act ‘dead’, its not only a turn off for your man, but also a turn off for your body!

Do 100’s of Kegel exercises per day

Kegel exercises have been known to make the cervical muscles, contract and thus can easily take you to a climax. I sometimes wonder what excuse a woman can give for not doing this exercise 100’s of times per day, this is because you can do the exercise walking, standing, sitting, sleeping, in short whenever and whatever you are doing you can do it. So dear ladies, give the kegel a try please, and see how your sex life is going to change instantly. What are kegel exercises…I would advise this out on the internet!

Breath systematically

Systematic breathing affects any action that you do, Bolt Hussein, the all time best runner tells you that , he never breathes when he is on a 100m track, he holds his breath and this causes the blood, and adrenaline to go berserk, so try to find your own breathing pattern as you are making love and see the difference the breathing will bring in your sex life, and please am not telling you to hold your breath, nay I am just telling you that breathing has a secret that can help up your orgasm, so unlockit foryourself.

Guide your man

And I am saying all men take sex as the ultimate goal, they see their Cuming as the finish line and would want to reach there as quickly as possible, contrary women need to warm up and take it slow, so if you let your man do whatsoever he wants, it will be over in a few minutes leaving you yearning for more as he is patting beside you and congratulating himself of a mission well accomplished.

In short, take control; slow him down if he is rushing in; force him to enjoy foreplay; talk to him in the midst of the action and you will in the process get what you want; know what stimulates you so that you can give him relevant guidance.

Moralists will attack me for this but truth be told, if you can not take yourself to town don’t expect your man to do that for you! Okay let me stop mincing words, ladies if you don’t know your tick points then know that you are doomed. This is for the simple reason, that when you know your tick points and you know how your body reacts when this or that is done you can always use this knowledge to guide your man and yourself to bliss!

Lastly, but not least, it has been said that some foods and drinks can up your hormones and thus make you not struggle to reach a certain level of stimulation, wine and chocolate can do the trick easily, I also know that yogurt can help maintain the wetness inside you something that is vital in the orgasm mission. Is there any other local foods or drinks that can help the sisters? May be you can write to me on



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