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‘Tired feet, strong heart’

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‘Tired feet, strong heart’

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Showing the zeal of a strong man

Showing the zeal of a strong man

There is nothing impossible. Who am I to be standing before huge audiences, telling them rare words? People now have known that really true words exist and that nothing is impossible to anyone who believes and then goes ahead to enthusiastically look for success.

Swear-in any person you want. Whether it’s Museveni or the rough talking Kizza Besigye we, who believe that no person can make a man or woman, if he or she is not willing, cannot be blocked from accessing feared corners, full of beauty and glittering luxury.

We have been active since we discovered the truth. Do not tell me that so and so will build me roads. Go to Eastern Uganda and observe what takes place along the beautiful road called Tirinyi. I see life, good life, in every body that believes and then stands up to do what he has always been afraid to try.  People along Tirinyi are poor!

We shall make leaders and topple the rest but, our brains will still remain the greatest assets that we have. No one could convince me to change the way I thought. No one over pushed me along the rugged road to success. I willingly moved because I discovered that the sweetest life was ahead.

Negative people spoke against me. Dogs snarled, to intimidate me but I had to move, ahead. This world whips. And it has whipped many. You are part of it. You are, therefore, seen by the cruel leaders in this world. One of those leaders is poverty.

It is believed that people fear poverty more than they fear death.

My friend, if you were taking my warnings for granted, wake up. You must turn up whenever I call upon people to come into the temple. We have seen people getting rich. I was looking for something, years ago, so I refused to sleep, even when I was required to do it.  I can now rest a bit, because now I can see stars that can twinkle.

The other day the mother of Dr. Jose Chameleone told the whole public that she was seriously against her children’s intentions.  You know, this woman spoke on behalf of other parents in this world. Are you sure my mum was not against my dreams?

When you dream and you say it to the world, it’s similar to carrying your own cross on which you are to be placed to be hanged. You must forget things when you succeed, otherwise you might fail to enjoy life in the Promised Land.

Fight on!! Poverty made an uncle of mine to be left dying on the death bed. He was suffering from cancer and tuberculosis.  He died at the age 45, with nothing useful, to show to the world. A few people respected his dead body.

I called upon the world during the lean years.  No one paid attention.  Do not look back! There is success in front there. People who are in the temple are not lying when they say they have started seeing something similar to the place they said is  full of milk and honey.

What I today teach is what I obeyed and digested for several years. I applied the principles my American guides and counselors recommended and now it is my turn, to let the sleeping dogs continue sleeping while ambitious men and women continue to discover the rarest secrets for themselves.

I do not mind, let someone read any tabloid he or she wants, but when you find them, tell them that there is gold lying beneath the Sunrise. We cannot wake up until we are told that stick wielding goons have invaded the city and any one, who walks aimlessly, without dreams, is clobbered.

Let’s get together, and make these secrets known to people. Employers who buy the Sunrise have reported that they now face almost no resistance from the once big-headed workers. Hard workers now know that indeed working more than one is paid for pays more, and more handsomely than working less than what they are paid for.

I warn you, again, against fearing. But, did you know? All offices or shops on the  third floor or fourth or fifth or even the second, and other floors, up there, receive fewer people ,each day, than those down, on the ground. People fear up stairs and it is that reason that makes the ladder of success not be crowded at the top. Struggle again!

Our competitors are few, and these are known. We know the pills that sedate them. We are up here, up stairs, and the coward woman or man thinks we are not approachable. No please! With mingle with anybody who becomes unafraid to approach us.

And what we do can be done by any body on earth. You feet might be bleeding, now, and so tired but, my friend, do not turn back to walk away from your goals. You will get there. Carry on! You too can obtain enthusiasm .The only fuel, which will enable you move swiftly to your goals.  ‘Yes you can’

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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